The default IP is or click here You can also log into login page. By default, the username is admin and there is no password.

With Any Router Admin App you can easily access/open and auto-login to any router's admin page with one tap without the need of a laptop or computer so you   0.1 and cannot connect to 5GHz wireless network. Hello luminous and welcome,. You should be able to login via a browser using and  Point your browser to the router's administration page (i.e.; Check that its wireless interface has SSID broadcasting enabled (so you can see it even   0.1, or Here is complete list of Router IP addresses. Forgot IP Address Username and Password? If you have forgotten the  In this case you use as the URL. That page having got loaded, the router's admin console is asked for in the internet/web browser and the user is  The default IP is or click here You can also log into login page. By default, the username is admin and there is no password.

20/03/2014 · I see my Airport TimeCapsule in the Airport Configuration where the LAN-IP-adres is I WAS able to reacht in my webbrowser (Chome as well as Safari as well as IE) to manage the router. Now it's not possible anymore. get a message as " unable to connect" or similar. When I use my IPhone I can get "into the router"

You can access the admin login of this particular IP address to configure the LAN, WLAN, into the address bar of your browser or click here Other commonly used IP addresses are, or

For example, you might have configured port2 with the IP address and on which the FortiWeb appliance will listen for HTTP administrative access.

Problèmes de connexion Voici les problèmes de connexion les plus communs. Mauvais identifiant et mot de passe administrateur. Ne pas connaître le bon identifiant et mot de passe de l'administrateur est de loin le problème le plus souvent rencontré par les utilisateurs lorsqu'ils se connectent à l'adresse IP nous l'avons déjà expliqué, la plupart des http: // localhost / ~ nom d'utilisateur / phpmyadmin / setup / ou http: // localhost / phpmyadmin / setup / Vous devez créer une nouvelle connexion serveur localhost mysql, cliquez sur new server. Passez à l' onglet Authentification et définissez l'utilisateur root mysql local et le mot de passe. Ajoutez le nom d'utilisateur «root» (peut 1.3 Default Username and Password for Admin Login Page 1.4 How to Change Your WiFi Password Using 1.5 Problems You may Face while Trying to Log into on your Device Même réponse. Peut-être même pour une "défense" dans le cadre Hadopi (et suivantes) : ainsi on pourra moins argumenter qu'un voisin malin a réussi à trouver le mot de passe de notre Wi-Fi simplement en chopant le mot de passe admin puis ensuite à téléchargé illégalement sur notre connexion 😛